New Tastes: Coffee Beer

I’m spending some time in New Jersey this week.  I love eating out, sitting at a bar, people watching and trying new tastes.  A new (to me) tap catches my eye: Joe Coffee Porter.  I’ve been up since 3AM (it’s around 8PM when I order), so I figure it’s worth a try.


Wow!!!  Real good.  Not to sweet.  I hate too sweet anything, let alone beers.  It doesn’t taste too potent either.  Some of those porters can be high octane.  It was the perfect accompaniment to my Filet Sliders.  The mushrooms in particular, set up the palate well for each sip.  I didn’t get too charged from the caffeine (I rarely have coffee after 1PM).  No shakiness.  No heartburn.   It also perfectly accompanied the people watching.  It was a beautiful night, so lots of people out.

I checked out the beer, which comes from Philadelphia Brewing Co.  This brewery is also new to me.   Stats below:


  • Alcohol Content: 5.5% abv
  • IBU’s: 24
  • Color: Mocha
  • Coffee: Fair-trade / Organic Peruvian (French Roast) Coffee Beans
  • Malts: Two-row Pilsner, Dark Munich, Special Aromatic, Oats, Flaked Barley, Roasted Barley, Chocolate Wheat

I am now a fan and will look for more of their taps when I’m out and about.

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Homerstyle about living life to its fullest – in style. It’s about fashion, events, decorating, cocktailing, food, but most importantly – attitude and confidence. Make a statement in life. Sometimes I create something new. More than often, I see an outfit, or watch a bartender make something new. Then, I make it my own. I love couture, but I’m budget conscious too. As an example, I love outfits. There’s an outfit for every occasion – work, the golf course, out on the town – even reading the paper on Sundays. Confidence is simply not afraid to be embarrassed. Everyone can marry those two concepts - Attitude and Confidence.

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