Red Stripe: Make Music

I haven’t been a Red Stripe fan previously. A great ad can change that…

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An ordinary store in London was turned into something special by Red Stripe, but only revealed when the customer picked up a Red Stripe. The shop comes alive, to make music, quite literally. Pot noodles shake, bottles clink against each other, peanut packets rustle, all to make a familiar tune to customers. I especially like the bottles that blow the tune, if you get me!

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Homerstyle about living life to its fullest – in style. It’s about fashion, events, decorating, cocktailing, food, but most importantly – attitude and confidence. Make a statement in life. Sometimes I create something new. More than often, I see an outfit, or watch a bartender make something new. Then, I make it my own. I love couture, but I’m budget conscious too. As an example, I love outfits. There’s an outfit for every occasion – work, the golf course, out on the town – even reading the paper on Sundays. Confidence is simply not afraid to be embarrassed. Everyone can marry those two concepts - Attitude and Confidence.

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