Money Shorts Not Money Belts!

Great trunks! Time to start thinking about that winter trip to a warm places (for those of us in the colder climates). Like the artical says though, Latitude Supply makes limited quantities. They’re sold out 😦 I’m now on the hunt. Will keep you posted…

A Travel Journal, SUVpacking America

Never Drop Anchor, Always Keep Exploring …

What a great tagline for a travel-worthy collection of clothing that The New Man and even the men of the past will like.  Latitude Supply Co. carries its marker well. It’s worth a look.

The company is out of Southern California, but doesn’t have a flagship store … as one might expect with a creative flare that keeps it on the move. Apparently the clothing they offer moves so fast and furiously that even their featured outlet partners can’t keep their supplies locked down – too many Pirates trying to get their hands on these clothing treasures!

But I’m not writing just to joke about their travel appeal. What I really like – out of many of the clothes they carry – are their trunks, which are really beach or casual wear. As you can tell, they look relaxed, make a man…

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Homerstyle about living life to its fullest – in style. It’s about fashion, events, decorating, cocktailing, food, but most importantly – attitude and confidence. Make a statement in life. Sometimes I create something new. More than often, I see an outfit, or watch a bartender make something new. Then, I make it my own. I love couture, but I’m budget conscious too. As an example, I love outfits. There’s an outfit for every occasion – work, the golf course, out on the town – even reading the paper on Sundays. Confidence is simply not afraid to be embarrassed. Everyone can marry those two concepts - Attitude and Confidence.

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