A public spectacle? You bet!

Loving these kicks! Adding them to my acquisition list.


I took the Mike’s out for their public debut last night.

What a debut!

I had tickets to go see Empire at the Spiegeltent and was walking through the Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park before the show.

The reaction to my footsies was fantastic!

Nearly everyone I passed looked down and simply stared at the shoes.

I passed a child, who tugged on his Mother’s arm excitedly. “Wow! Mummy! Look at the man’s shoes!” A fashion guru in the making, there.

I was then accosted by a small group of middle aged ladies, who politely asked if they could take a photo of me with them. I kid you not.

One of them then noticed the parrot motif on the trousers and got down to have a closer look.

Now if there was a photo taken then, I want to see it. A man in bright yellow shoes, standing in…

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Homerstyle about living life to its fullest – in style. It’s about fashion, events, decorating, cocktailing, food, but most importantly – attitude and confidence. Make a statement in life. Sometimes I create something new. More than often, I see an outfit, or watch a bartender make something new. Then, I make it my own. I love couture, but I’m budget conscious too. As an example, I love outfits. There’s an outfit for every occasion – work, the golf course, out on the town – even reading the paper on Sundays. Confidence is simply not afraid to be embarrassed. Everyone can marry those two concepts - Attitude and Confidence.

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